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Your Insulation Cannot Do Its Job Without Proper Air Sealing

To make sure your insulation can do its job well, every air leak in your attic must be sealed. The Department of Energy estimates that a properly insulated attic can shave from 10 to 50% off your energy bill. Proper sealing helps stabilize your house's indoor temperatures to keep heating and cooling energy needs to a minimum.

Home Performance

So, how much energy is your home losing? We can assess your home's current air sealing, insulation r-value, insulation integrity and condition to advise you on performance and air quality issues. BPI certified technician.

What is Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a comprehensive home evaluation aimed at increasing energy efficiency and whole-house comfort. Many of our customers complain of an unbearable upper floor in Summer and a frigid basement in Winter. Using infrared cameras, whole-house depressurization, gas leak detectors, and other state of the art technology, we find all the compromised areas of your home not visible to the naked eye. Your home’s results allow us to create a unique plan to stop those drafts and temperature swings all year long .The end goal is to create a more comfortable and healthy home while also saving you money on your monthly utilities.

No home is the same. Especially your home! Builders, flippers, "home improvement specialists," often take shortcuts in your attic and basement, the places you are less likely to find them. When the bottom line is more important than doing a good job, your home is the one that suffers. We have been able find missing insulation, improperly installed materials, and, worst of all, dangerous fire hazards.

In addition, we test for gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaking into your living space from your oven and furnace. The last thing you want is to tighten up your home while a few gas leaks are present.

The benefit of an energy audit is to give you the information to make informed decisions on how to cost-effectively make your home comfortable and energy efficient. You will be shown where the drafts are coming from, how to fix them, and the various methods to permanently put an end to your drafty home. We will help you get there every step of the way.

A Little History...

Sealing the house to prevent stink bugs

Several years ago we treated a home for stink bugs. it involved sealing a lot of cracks around the house so the bugs could not get in. The customer claimed that after our treatment she not only saw less bugs in her house, but she thought the house stayed a little bit warmer...

Pests in the Attic

Pests in the Attic cause Roof Issues

If you have squirrel, bat or attic mice issues, you probably have roof issues. Very often the areas behind gutter called the fascia begins to rot and squirrels just move right on in. We can do professional quality roof repairs that will keep both squirrels and water out.

Get Your Energy Audit

Energy Assessment

Let us come in and assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate the actions that can be taken to make it more efficient. We will discover any problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amount of money. Whether your home is under-insulated or over-insulated, we have a solution in place.

Insulation Options

There are three options for the home insulation - blown in fiberglass, blown in cellulose, and spray foam. Cellulose insulation is the oldest form of home insulation. Open-cell foams are permeable to moisture and impermeable to air. Closed-cell foams stop both air and moisture.