Pest Cleanup Services in Baltimore and Howard County MD

Keep your home pest free and disease free

A pile of feces found in pest infested attic

By the way... BGE can rebate up to 75% or $7,500 of your cleanup, sealing, sanitization, and re-insulation!!!!

Rodents, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and other invasive critters enjoy making your homes theirs. These pests can cause tremendous damage to your living spaces, attic, basement, and roof. Apart from general destruction, they often treat your home as their toilet, leaving feces and urine especially in your attic and basement.

While the threat posed by some of these hazards is exaggerated, some can be very serious especially for older residents, young children, and immunocompromised individuals.

It is important to mitigate these biohazards that can bring bacterial, viral and fungal health risks. In addition, the musty odors left by the existing feces, urine and organic remains are unmistakable.

At Once Home Services offers complete mitigation and sterilization services for your home so you can breathe easier and live comfortably sooner.

A general attic or basement service would involve repairing and sealing entry points of pests into the affected areas and then comprehensive extraction of feces infested insulation. Next, a complete vacuuming of the affected area to remove organic remains and existing biohazards. The vacuum systems we use are make your Dyson look like child's play.

Once we have a blank space to work with, we apply a sterilizing fogging system to clean all your hard surfaces and ambient air in order to improve indoor air quality and destroy any biohazards still present.

Finally, installing new insulation onto the now clean surfaces to code levels will leave your home as if nothing ever happened. One of the side benefits of insulation is improved whole- house comfort and lower BGE bills.

Let us help you overcome any setback, give us a call at (443) 562-9509 or email us.

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