A Little History

Pleasant side effects of air sealing for pest prevention

Several years ago we treated a home for stink bugs. It involved sealing a lot of cracks around the house so the bugs could not get in.

The customer claimed that after our treatment she not only saw less bugs in her house, but she thought the house stayed a little bit warmer in the winter months.

This got me thinking...

Then about 2 years later we excluded bats from another customers house and had to clean up the bat guano (feces) which was piled a foot high in certain places. I reasoned that if we could foam every crack and crevice in the attic floor, it would improve air quality in the home. It also occurred to me that sealing may also improve the energy efficiency of the home.

Over time I began to see overlaps between pest control and energy efficiency and thought maybe the two should be combined.

So in the winter of 2018 I received formal training through Building Performance Institute (BPI) on how to do "weatherization" as it is called, properly.

I now treat pest control as an aspect of home performance both keeping unwanted pests out and conditioned air in - saving you money on your utility bills.