Draft Stopping Services in Baltimore and Howard County MD

Keep your home draft free

Draft stopping services in Baltimore and Howard County MD

By the way... BGE can rebate up to 75% or $7,500 of your Draft Stopping solution!

You know the spots in your home that are just leaky sieves during those bitterly cold days.

Windows and doors are the obvious culprits but are not the only causes of drafts in your home.

The areas in your attic and basement where large holes have been cut to run pipes and electrical wires contribute to a chimney effect of outside air entering and leaving your home all day long.

You can keep living in a drafty home or you can call use to perform comprehensive infrared camera and whole-house air and pressure leakage tests to find out 100% of the drafts in your home. From there, we can devise a whole-house tailored solution to finally put an end to your problem.